The Funky Mackerel Cafe -
You Really Only Need Visit Our Cafe 
If You Are ready To Really Relax
 And Soak Up An Amazing Atmosphere
On The North Norfolk Coast

Sometimes we all need to spend time with the closest ones; however, finding a good place to do it becomes a real problem. Eating delicious seafood in the restaurant is what we all like after a hard week. The abundance of duties and tasks at work, the need to devote all free time to studying, and many other things make us feel exhausted and bored. But we think everyone can find a few free hours to try delicious food at Funky Mackerel. Take a day off, hire an expert writer to help you with a personal narrative essay or anything else that worries you, and enjoy your life.

Cliff Road car Park
Cliff Road
NR26 9BJ
Tel - 0788 7676649